Saturday, December 11, 2010

My 25 Minutes Survey

-Instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all the question honestly..-

Person who tagged: Athirah
Starting time: 12:44 PM

Name: Eyza
Full Name: Hafizatul Asyrah bt . Zulkhairi
Siblings: 2/4
Eye colour: Black [will be colour when wear contact lens]
Shoe size: 7
Hair: Black
Height : 154 *last year height . haha

What are you wearing right now: T-Shirt and Tracksuit
Where do you live: Kangar , Perlis

Favourite number: *should be thinking first 

Favourite drink : Neslo

Favourite month : September 

Favourite breakfast : Everything that my Mama cook

= Have you ever =

Broken a bone : Not yet *I'm careful maybe 

Been in a police car : Not yet *I'm good girl maybe

Fallen for a friend : -.-

Fallen for a guy / girl in a short period of time : -.-

Swam in an ocean : :|

Broken someone's heart : YES

Cried when someone died : Yes *I love to cry !

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Sometime maybe
Saved e-mail :  VIP one :)

Been cheated on :  Yes/No ? -.-

= What =

Your room look like: Purple Bedroom

What is right beside you : Sarah 

What is the last thing u ate : Donnut 

= Ever had =

Chicken pox : Yes , during Standard One

Sore throat : Yes , yesterday !!

Stitches : Not at all 

Broken nose : Not yet !! 

=Do you=

Believe in love at first sight : Maybe

Like picnic : No !

= Who =

Who did you last yell at : Alon *ask me to take CD !

Who was the last person you danced with : Never ! I hate dancing !!

Who last made you smile : Sarah . *She 

= Final Question =

What are you listening to right now?
VIP - Iwan AF

What did you do today?
Eating , watching , listening , texting 

Are you the oldest?
No . I'm the eldest sister !

Indoor or Outdoor?
Indoor *Twittering is the best part !

= Today did you =

Talk to someone you like?

Kiss anyone?

I have the bad voice

Talk to ex?
Not yet .

Miss Someone?
Miss my CikTomato , CikBarbie , CikPah , team Hostel , KakFatin , teacher , school 

Of course !

= Last person who =

You talked to the phone:?

Made you cry?
Just keep it in memory 

Went to the movies with?
No .

You went to the mall with?

Who cheered you up?
Cousin , CikTomato , Parents

= Have you =

Been to Mexico?
I don't wish to go because of ...

Been to USA?
I'm not interest !

= Random =

Have a crush on someone?
What books are you reading right now?
Add Mathematics * I done exercise !

Best feeling in the world?

Future kids name?
After I got married , I will tell ~

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Teddy Bear 

What's under your bed?

Favourite sport(s)?
Badminton and Bowling

Favourite place?
Home , School , Internet Access Place

Who do you really hate?
Not . I'm in throwing out all my hatred feeling 

Do you have a job?

What time is right now?
12.59 PM

4 serangan:

cik miera said...

wow..xde la lama sgt awk siapkan..bagus2..hihi

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

@ cik miera :

hehe biasa la tuh ..
tenkiu yaw ! ;)

humblemOdest said...

hey2 ayat yg pasal pgi mexico tu lom abes ah . .sambong2

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

@ humblemOdest :

biarkan ayt tesebut trgantung ..
tehee ~

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