Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Damn Me !

I know I am a cruel people ..
I'm a girl without feeling ..
I'm selfish ! Yes all is me !
I'm the baddest girl on this world ..
No more bad than me ..
I'm a girl with no shame ..
I'm a bad girl !!

I hurt many heart ..
I play with a dream 's character ..
I make them cry and sad ..
I make them hate me so much .

Yes , i know who am I ..
I'm a bad girls that make others hurt ..
I'm without feeling ..

Why I be like this ??
Hurting others like my favourite ..
Hateful by others is my right ..
Devil always beside me ..

Where's goodness ??
Where's my kindness ??
Where's truly me ??

Where ?? Where?? Where??

Damn me here buddy !!
I wait ur comment there .

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