Saturday, September 12, 2009

Think First ..

Last night , I felt very bored . I activated my mind with online my Facebook .. No happiness come there .. Seriusly , I 'm out of mood .. No one commented me tonight . Ouch where were others ?? Where ?? Arghhh whatever !

Thinking about my problem made me more fibrous . I hate this part like hell ! Life full of problem .. Never run from it .. Exactly , Trouble was My BestFriend I thought .. Everything that I were done , all were wrong .. No that any were perfect like the criteria ..

I knew that everything was I done , all was bad and evil from a damn people ! Arghh they put a lot of tag about me .. They made their wrong opinion of my arrangements . I knew and aware that I'm not the good girls . But , there were no one that perfect and good right ?? All people that created my God was were their own lack ..

I will forgot everything that happened to me because of her misunderstanding about me . I ready to forgive her because I knew maybe she was accidentally tought about that ..

A note for her :

Girls , remember no one were perfect on this world .. One more think , please don't judge a book from it cover and do not argue somebody without prove ! It will replies with the bad one type ..

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