Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last School Day Before Eid ..

I goes to school today with a happy face .. haha today is my last day to go to school before I celebrates Eid's Day .. Hoyehh .. I goes to school like I'm innocent one .. Ignore my friend who is fully hatred to me .. Hah whatever ! Life must goes on ..

Today , one council organises at my school .. That's Closing Ceremony of Ihya' Ramadhan .. Huh this morning , my friend and I busy make up our mind about Mathematics .. Huh today we will having a Mathematics Pre-Test ! I'm not ready to face it yet .. =.='

I takes all my Mathematics book then bring to the hall for attent the ceremony .. Huh full of student there .. Huh ceremony started on 8.30 a.m .. I'm proud with all teacher who is arrange this ceremony .. All program walking smooth .. Good !

After ceremony ended , my friends and I go to public phone .. I calls my father to inform about time to pick up me at school .. Huhu after that , we go to teacher room .. Find my teacher who is teach me to ask their forgiveness about what that I has done before .. Huh I'm sorry .. =.='

During in teacher's room , I'm busy talking a lot with my teacher .. Have fun there .. All my teacher is on a good mood .. Easy for me to expose with them .. :) They ask me for take a homework .. haha yeahh ! Adess

Huh after take all homework given , my friend and I go back to class .. Huh Mathematics Pre-Test is already have to start .. Oh , I'm not ready at fully mind ! Huh whatever .. Juz do it the best among the best .. In my deep heart say " Oh God , help me .. "

Huh after test ended , I go to hall for praying Solat Zohor together with all student like usual in Ramadhan month .. After that , I find my friend there .. [Farah , Aina , Haifa , Zuhaili , Mimi , Izati , Raihan , Farizan , Jannatun , Shahirah] .. Ask their forgiveness is what that I want to do but I failed to find them..

Huh then I go to my every day place where I waiting my father there .. Huh I see Mimi , Raihan , Haifa and Aina there .. I really wants to ask their forgiveness there .. But , time is out .. My dad already come to pick up me .. Plez forgive me ..

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