Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When A Day Started ..

Slowly todays begin .. Wake up from sleep to take some food for sahur .. I'm really sleep asleep last night .. I'm was dreaming an interesting dream to my life .. It made me feel on heaven .. I hope my life like on my dream .. I just can hope but I known that is maybe not if without my effort ..

Stop about that dream ..Let's story about this morning .. After sahur , I sleep for a while because of the break down of electric current .. Huh ZzzzZzzzZzzz :D
Sleep like sleeping beauty .. Hahhaaha let me ..

Then , I wake up for a temporary and solat .. Huh after that , I'm
meditate on my Subuh 's solat
.. I hope that I can be a good daughter , a clever student , a best muslimah , and I hope that I will be my own self ..

Huh then after that , I'm listening a music on my laptop .. Huhu slow music but all having meaning beside it .. All having a tail with my life .. Huh let it be .. I'm juz listening and think to survive like it too ..

Then , I'm online my Yahoo Messenger .. Buzz my lil brother (Atef) who is invisible but I know he's on his computer .. Haha juz with an "oit" he's reply my chat ..Huhu having a chat with him for a long period .. A lot of story we talk .. I'm happy chat with him because I can story with him .. He's sporting n understanding person .. But , he's having a headache when a time we chat .. I notice it when I view his webcam .. I ask him to sleep n take a rest .. :) I hope u well after this my dear ..

End this selection till this only .. Having some thing to do .. Huhu btw I hope that my lil brother (Atef) get well soon .. Pray for him .. :D

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