Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day with Dreaming ..

I walk alone through the right way ..
All people busy do his own 's work..
Busy like bee their mode ..
I'm still confuse with my life ..
Either who am I the truth ..
N why I alive ..

Alone ..
No one accompany me here ..
All do their own's activity ..
I'm still waiting for the next path ..

I create my own ilunation ..
But , I 'm not affordable ..
To create the best one in my life ..

My day like with dreaming ..
All that I get juz temporary ..
A temporary that full of memoirs ..
Full of happiness ..
Covered with sadness ..

Dreaming is my pleasure ..
I can get what I want there ..
All my will achieved ..
What that I wish I have it ..
Happily dreaming without interference ..
Interference that destroy my dream ..

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