Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Truth

The sun is shinning brightly .. I'm wake up late in the morning today after have a sleep after Subuh .. I'm very tired .. Last night , I can't sleep because I have pressure think about one think that remind me back about my past ..

That time I in Standard Six .. Having a play with my friend.. One of my classmate tell me about a new teacher .. Huh I'm not on mood to care about that news .. I'm juz listen but no reaction like others .. Serious I'm out of mood .. Huh then I meet the teacher .. Ouch I hit him !!

Oh juz God know how I'm so shy that time .. I ask the new teacher his forgiveness .. I can't face him .. I'm so shy and shy .. He stare my eyes for a while .. Without any hesitation , I switch my eyes to the teacher's room .. Huh then , I enter the teacher's room without purpose .. ( I want to hide myself from that new teacher the truth .. )

Then , yesterday I meet that teacher again .. He stare my eyes again .. Yes I know that stareness .. That's the teacher that I already hit 3 years ago .. He smile to me then I reply it .. He's still remember me at all same as me .. :D

Huhu then last night I think about that time .. Huhu I don't know why I think about it .. Maybe there's no problem that I should think .. My mind juz think about my past .. My past that make me know what's the meaning of FRIENDSHIP .. The meaning of TRUE LIFE ..

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