Monday, August 31, 2009

Different but Same Way .

Human Physically Fact

A song playing on the handphone ..
Detected new message enter ..
Open the inbox neatly ..
Read the message happily ..
Smiling gladly ..

Human Mentallity Fact

A sound knock the eardrum ..
A message send to brain ..
Detected new message ..
Classify the message ..
Then an action happen ..


How do u think about this ?? Juz a same thing right .. But , not as easy as u think at all .. It happen when all cell connected together .. Then work done !

As what that we know , Physically and Mentallity is not a same thing .. It's different from a lot of type of characteristics .. I hope you will understand this theory .. :D

2 serangan:

The Professor said...

hahaha fikiran budak sains :P

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

haha yeah ! ngee
ntah apa2 jek tuh..

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