Monday, August 24, 2009

Default as Sign Picx ??

Refer to the title .. Are u understand it ?? Not at all , right ?? I know ..

Let me describe about it ..

My MySpace 's default as Sign Picx .. That mean my default that already published on MySpace is just for a sign picx for Ramadhan Mubarak .. Maybe I 'll use that picx till finish Ramadhan maybe ..

Truthly , all my picx for this month maybe all characterized by Ramadhan Mubarak 's month .. To wish Ramadhan Mubarak or Ramadhan 's Style all defend on me .. That's my photo so let me determine it by myself .. No need others to determine it ok ??

There's someone ask me this

"Eyza , why u use ur picx with ur bf ?? U say this month for Ramadhan mode .. Why you publish that picx?? U also free hair on that picx .. "

Huhuhu my answer is :

"Huhuh that picx juz for a sign tag about us .. Juz for a temporary .. Next day I will not published it anymore yeah ..It's reminder for me n my lil because already 2 years our 's .. Every year like that .. I'm sorry for the free hair version too .. "

Yes correct ! Already 2 years we together .. Hope God bless ur relationship ..

Bff <33

Ilysm <33

Juz him give happiness on this world but ..

God give me happiness start from begin to the end of my life .. :D

Thanx God for give me some happiness on my life ..

If I have my own rose garden ,
I will walk there every time ..
If a rose on my hand ,
I will think about u everywhere ..
If u are mine in my life ,
I will love you forever ..

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