Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Ramadhan ..


Now , I want to tell you about my story in first day of Ramadhan .. Different from other day .. Today I need to wake up early to take a sahur .. I'm feel very sleepy in this morning because I'm not practise to wake up early like this time before .. Huh my pleasure for this morning .. :)

I try to wake my brother .. Huh not as easy as I think .. There's some difficulties to wake a people that asleep .. When I 'm on trying to wake my brother , my father come to help me .. Yeah my supersaver ! Huhu :D thanx abah for helping ..

Then , we eat ur sahur happily .. After sahur , I rest for a while in my bedroom .. Unrecognized , my phone ringing .. Huh I'm not notice it samely .. Ouch I check my phone later .. Taufiq calling me .. Ouch no ! He call me very early in the morning .. Did he want to wake me up for sahur ?? Huhu :P

I text him back after this and ask why he call me that morning .. Huh then we have some simple conference there [I'm mobile that time ] :) We message for a temporary .. Juz story about Ramadhan .. There's no gossip or whatever ! :D

I feel happy today .. In the rainy day , I hope my next fasting will always give me awareness .. Oh God , give me some space to make a goodness for others .. To make a happiness for others .. To give a memorial for them about me ..

Oh God , give some kindness to make me strong for next condition .. Please bless my life , my friends 's life , my enemy 's life [ if there ] , my parents , my siblings and all muslim in this world ! I hope so ..

Oh God , Bless Us

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