Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanx God ,,

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Yeay tomorrow all muslim will start fasting .. Same as me :D .. Tomorrow start all the satan was bound in the hell .. All muslim will happily religious to our God .. Alhamdulillah ..

We hope that this is the bez month for us because that is the month full of blessed .. We hope all ur heart will cooperate to pray for God only .. Amin .. Hope God listen our pray .. No more evil , honour take place there .. I hope I will full my this month with pray for God only .. Insya-Allah ..

I hope all of u have a same intention like me .. Do ur bez dignity for this month .. What that we do , God will give a reward .. So do as much as u can for this great month ..

Ramadhan is the best month for Muslim .. Ramadhan is month of Muslim to more approach with our God .. Ramadhan is month that full with blessing from God .. Take this opportunity for bows to God .. I hope I can do it ..

Ramadhan .. I hope u will give me some light from others month .. I hope .. Juz from you , I can survive my life .. From God blessing , I can through my day .. Alhamdulillah .. Thank you , Allah ..

Welcome Ramadhan .. I 'm waiting for u as long as I can .. :)

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