Saturday, August 15, 2009

On War !

Next week i will be on war !! I'm one of the PMR's Trial Candidates 2009 SMKAP .. :( Oh I 'm really afraid and little bit nervous to face this part .. I hate this part like hell !! Grrr I don't know what will happen to me on this time .. I'm still not 100% prepare for this examination .. Ohh can I face it ?? Can I ?? :(

I'm really little bit busy as bee this week for preparation for PMR's Trial Exam .. Maybe I 'll stop posting any new posting for a whole week starting from 170809 until 230809 because that time I'm need to sit for study .. Preparation for Trial around corner .. I hope you can understand .. :)

I need ur bless for me so I can calm when answer my trial 's exam.. I hope u all pray for me .. :) Thanx yeah .. Btw , if I have make some problem with u , I'm sorry .. Juz a joke for make we smile together .. :D But if u feel when I do something , I'm really sorry .. Sorry5 !!

I have to go leave you .. I'm down in the dumps to leave u .. :(( It's ok .. Juz for a temporary time only right ?? I 'll update my beloved this diary soon .. ;)
Wait for the new posting .. Do support me ..

I leave u for a temporary ..
Forget me not , plez ..
I love u so much ..
Deeply in my heart ,
I miss u ..:(

I'm offline for a while ..
Wait for me ..
The end of me ..
Goodbye ..

2 serangan:

Syakierah said...

goodluck goodluck !
wishing u all the best !
kalau ada yg ragu-ragu,
sila tanya saya,
jika saya bole jawap den saya jawap,

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

hahaha ok3!
huhuish cikgu m3 kuh nih..
bila nk wt klas hah??

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