Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TroubleMaker !

Based on the picture above , i want to tell you some story .. :) A troublemaker .. As what that we known , troublemaker is who that make a trouble on his/her own life .. I'm one of it.. Now , I have getting on hot soup because of trouble consequence of what that I have done .. I face it normally .. ( in the same time , i'm weak )

Now , trouble is my bestfriends .. Trouble always follow me everywhere I am .. Never betray me at all .. My life full with trouble .. I create my own trouble .. So , I need to face it .. I know .. Grrr :(

Whatever that happen today I juz can say that's my fault .. Yes ! I betray everybody . So what ?? I know I'm a bad girls .. Thanx for damage my life .. I like ur style babe ! Do it again again n again .. So my life will 100% destroyed ! That will make you devilly laugh right ?? That make u happy on ur life ..

And now .. I'm alone .. There's no one acompanied me because of ur story to them .. Thanx for influent them about the bad me ! Do it more and more so u will happily win what that you want .. Thanx for the gossip about me yeah .. U make me famous with sin !! I 'll be role of sin after this maybe ;) Thanx for make me famous , shit !

To who that play on this role , I want to say thank you very much for u helpness
( make me famous with ur all sort of interpretation ) ! I do it and I addmited .. All trouble by me .. I do it and I will face the consequence during of my short life .. No need to make this situation become more hotstyle yeah.. No need ! But if u want to famous with lie too like me you can .. Be like me and then you will know how my feeling right now till forever of ur life .. ;(

i'm a troublemaker, never been a faker
doing things my own way, never giving up
i'm a troublemaker, not a double-taker
i don't have the patience to keep it on the up

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