Sunday, August 9, 2009

Am I a Bad Girl ?

Now I want to start my story .. Based on a title for this posting .. Am I a bad Girl ?? I want to ask u that question .. My answer is Yes I am . But why ?? Because I am a girl that try to damage my friend 's love relationship .. Is that really ?? Yes I am .. :(

I don't know .. Either there's someone have a bad intention to me or what..She (poisonous one sucxx !) tell to my friend ( that i have been try to damage her love's relationship ) about what that I have done before maybe .. Grrr I don't know how to know what that she tell to my friend .. If I know , I will explain the true situation to her .. I want to explain .. But how ?? They make me like invisible with them .. Escaped from me .. Ouch am I never exist on this world ?? :_(

To my friend , I'm so sorry .. I don't have intention at all to damage ur love's relationship .. But I accept if you hate me .. I know all problem originate of myself act .. I 'm feel guilty about what that happen right now .. I know u're angry with me .. But seriusly I say , I don't have intention at all about damage ur love 's relationship .. Plez give me one more time to explain the true situation .. Plez give me one chance to explain everything to you .. I 'm sorry ! I know i guilty in this problem ..

I'm so sorry !! If you read this posting , I hope plez don't break off or make a bad thing on ur love's relationship .. I'm getting guilty forever in my life ..

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