Friday, August 7, 2009

Influent from West Languange

My friend tell that I'm strongly influent from west languange.. Huh really ?? I don't think so .. Juz because of I publishly use English languange for this blog she say it to me .. How come you girls ??

I think it's ok if I practise talk in English right ?? I can practise my grammar too . :P But I know it's bad one .. I'm still on searching on my English section .. I'm confused with all their perception .. Blurred about their comment .. Shocked about their interpretation ..

I admitted that my English is bad one .. I know it .. For ur information , I'm weak on English as well as.. No need you to let me know it every time yeah because I already know it ..

There's people say that I'm want to show I'm great .. Wow ! Sorry .. I'm not crazy of popularity okeh!! I'm not that type !! Grr rawrr Did you think how my feeling when I know there's that tag to me ?? I'm sad you see?? How dare you tag me like that .. :( Oh God , I'm so confused with their perception to me the truth .. Plez know me first then you can classified how am I ..

Every human have their own comment about something .. Same as me .. I think there's no need you to tag me .. Blablabla .. I feel uncomfortable to survive my life when have been tag by u or others.. Grr you make me feel restricted on my own world .. Oh God , why there say that to me ?? I hope I could be strong ..

I hope u will stop all the bad interpretation about me .. I'm lazy already to let you know about me .. Stop make a bad time more .. I juz can hope .. All is up to you .. Sincerely from my heart I say that I will forgive you if you ask my forgiveness because I'm juz a small people .. Ask God 's forgiveness is more better ...

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