Friday, July 10, 2009

Rejected ..

Rejected , Rejected , Rejected ..
My love for you is known
Your lack of it is shown
Rejection, causing pain
As if my heart was slain

This never ending grief
The pain, it won`t be brief
This pain, I will endure
I can do it, of this i`m sure.

I need to survive my life ..
Either it's bad one ..
That's what that I must ..
I feeling lost
I feeling alone
I wanting to be held
hugged,loved but knowing no one
will love me,everyone takes a
look at me and decides right away

they want nothing to do with me
look at her,she's all alone with no1
to love her or to love,they say
my heart is full of wounds
and my head full of sad memories

all of which i want to leave in the past
and forget,i want to be accepted
no longer rejected

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