Saturday, July 11, 2009


I can't lie myself
That I love u so much ..
I try to avoid from u ..
But I strongly miss u ..

I'm lose when I see u ..
I forget about my
Honour and dignity ..
Where it gone ??

I need to hate u ..
But how??
I love u so much ..
I can't pretend that
U're always on my heart ..
There's no other there ..

Follows my heart ..
I want to be always beside u ..
But i can't..
There's others on ur heart ..
I fight with my owns..

Bring my broken heart from u ..
Runs from the fact ..
Save my soul from was poisoned ..
Let me go blissfully ..

Follow my own deep ..
Maybe it's good for me ..
I Love U but
I Hate U!

2 serangan:

iZzUdDiN said...

eyza napew ni ?
eyza tujukan bende ni kat sapew ??

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

kpd sesiapa yg
terasa .. huhu

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