Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Life

Live is like a wheel ..
Sometime at bottom ..
Sometime at top..

Crowded with challenges..
Daily and every time..
Never can run from it ..
Hopefully can survive ..
So I can smile ..

Day by day pass through ..
There's no different ..
Like usual and indifferent at all ..
Daily I face it ..

My life full of dream ..
My imagination was always stands up ..
My heart always played ..

In the bitterness of all regret ..
The challenge of life headlong I met ..
Before my wisdom set I free ..

I will tell you somethings ..
Forever I love you ..
There's no one can replace you ..
Don't reset me from your heart ..
I hope you not ..

I guess you weren't meant for me ..
I want to tell u that i love you ..
How much i care ..
But the words never come out ..
The right time doesn't come ..
That's impossible ..

Although I love you ..
I'll never surrender ..
I already lock my heart ..
There's no one can enter ..
Similarly you too ..

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