Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love him so much ..
That's what that I can say ..
But he never know it ..
I already show it ..
But he's not understand it ..

Am I a rush one ??
Rush to make a desicion ??
Yes that's not denied ..
I know me well than others ..

Why I always rejected?
You always talk that u love me ..
But why u never accept me as yours??
Why u always rejected me ??
Why?? Why?? Why??

When I ask u ..
You always avoid to answer it ..
I already know that u don't want
from ur reaction ..
I understand it well..

Now there's no change ..
Either you or me ..
There will never be ..
Better uz leave me alone ..
i 'll try to cure my owns heart ..

And now is my time to ..
Cry ..

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