Friday, June 5, 2009

The Story of Me

I blame my life that because what that happen right now.. I 'm already lost my strong strength .. Ouch how come this be? I can't accept the statement that he's not mine.. He's not mine anymore.. Ouch God! Help me who ' s already died on love.. Never feel like this before.. How I can survive my everyday if I be like this ? Oh how thiz?? I feel like want to suicide n don't want to live anymore.. My heart already dead n ill about that.. How can I manage it to be right back?? I want to suicide !! I want to suicide !! I want to suicide !! There's nothing on my life right now.. I have lost everything.. Oh God , plez forgive me if I done it.. I have lost my everything .. I want to go away from his mind.. Maybe it's the best decision to me.. But how can I?? Am I strong to move out from him ?? NO3 I 'm not..I'm already lost 99% of my mind because of that decision then n want to go away from him ?? That 's not the easy one. But I need to do so.. Maybe it will the best decision to us.. Ohh no!! I can't forget him easier..He's already control my mind..How this?? How can I throw out him from my life?? Never!! It will never happened.. Except I 'm already does not exist from this world..That' s.. I'm cry about that juz because of a boy.. Oh never I think about it before.. Now I know how truly feel of the heart broken.. Before this , I give my fully heart juz for then you broke it ..

Ohh no2..How this God?? I'm sick because of my own done.. Ouch I ' m think it consequence the truth.. Now I'm suffering from it.. I'm awry .. Arghh sick of love is the bad sick..

Oh God, plez returns back my strengh to sailing this way back.. Suicide is not the bez decision I think .. It will make me sad longer..

Dear , I will leave you..I hope u accept it ..


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The Professor said...

you don't have to go away from me. We can be best friends.
Just please remember Allah when you are sad, angry, happy, every moment. Allah is the first in our mind.
I am not asking you to live. I don't hate you because what you did was not wrong. I did not ask for this to be thing that apart us.
Leave the bitter part behind and grab the sweetest part. Please, do not follow your feelings but follow your thinking. Just think wise. Don't do stupid things. Allah always be with you

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

orait dear..
i will try
to not avoiding
from u..i'll be
always beside u..

shiro-emyka said...

suicide itu berdosa bsar.
so think about it carefully.

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

yes i will it..
thanx :)

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