Friday, June 5, 2009

I Tell Him That I Love Him

Last night , I upload the new picx on MySpace ...Ouch then I tag him on that picx .. I have write some caption on the picx there .. That ' s "Waiting for My Prince Charming".. {it's on my picx} .. After that on Myspace caption I write "where's my prince charming ??" .. Then have some responsed from him.. I feel excited when I read his comment on that picx .. He send comment to my picx "here he comes" Oh know.. I 'm really fall for him stronger starting last night .. Ouch I Love Him.. Then I reply that comment .. "really?i want u to be mine 4ever.." :) Ouch I'm really feel happy on it.. After that , I ask him to read my comment on his Tagged Photo {I already tag him there}.. Then he reply on my comment {not at the picx anymore} ..

This is our chatting last night {continue from top dialogue}:

He : heh seriously?
Me : yes!:)
He : heh and why is that?
Me : because mmm ala tpi nnt kalo eyza gtaw mesti **** xcayer nyer..
He : heh hmm xpe kalau x nk bg tau
Me : mmm orait3 i tell start from first day eyza add **** kt ms..eyza already fall in love with u..
He : oohh..hmm x tau lorh nk ckp ape =.=
Me : hah that y la eyza xnk gtaw..cause eyza takut dkecewakn..:)
He : ooo hmm smpn dulu prasaan tu study elok2 and find a bright future then give your love to the one who really need
Me : mm ok3..
He : you can keep go on liking me x halang pn just i am not in emotional stable right now
Me : thanx ***..eyza fhm..myb bkn msa yg sesuai kot..
He : yep maybe
Me : yep it's okay ****..malunyer eyza..
He : its okay x perlu malu perasaan itu semulajadi
Me : mm ok3..ish8 eyza jdi malu lak nk cmt2 dgn ****..rasa mcm forml skit..
He : yek?haha sy bkn mkn org pn rilek2
Me : yer lar..ish8 eyza taw la **** memg xmkn org..**** mkn nasi..:)ok3 eyza try la rilex2..
He : orait thats better ;)
Me : mm yep3..:-|
He : malu lg?
Me : skit3 la..ish8 maner la xmalu sbb eyza yg trus-trg trus kt ****..
He : ooh hmm its okay try not to be shy
Me : mm orait3..i will try it..thanx ***..
He : you are welcome :)

Till this only this story.. Ouch how I feel last night when I chat with him like at top of this stody.. I 'm cry because of him??Oh how come this..I need to try to forget what 's happen to me last night.. I ' m very2 sad last night.. I'll try to survive my life after this :)

Dear , if u read this , I want to tell u that I Love U..Although , I sad with ur desicion , but I try to accept it ..

:) vs :( How this ??

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Syakierah said...

die ade yg laen ke? o.o?

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

hek3 no comment..
mm dy kot..that y la
dy tolak..tpi xtaw r

taufiq.rain said...

hak3...nk pmr beb...hehehe..belajo dulu...

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

hak3 orait dear..
baiknyer dier..

The Professor said...

sorry for disappointing you

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

no it's okay dear..
i'm ok..btw maybe
later we'll be together..

shiro-emyka said...

speechless o_O.
Jodoh ditntukan oleh Allah S.W.T
So dont worry be happy~

taufiq.rain said...

istifar bebanyak...k...ingat allah percayakan takdir...k wslm

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

ok3 thanx shiro..
i need to accept
that statement n

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

taufiq :yes i will.. i try
to be strong but how can I?
I'm juz a weak one..

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