Friday, June 5, 2009

Stupid Feeling

I don't want greet him on MySpace because I don't know what's his respons to me back.. Yes , I'm afraid .. I don't want to disturb his mood tonight .. So I keep my speech to talk to him .. But , in the same time , I miss him so much .. What 's the way that I can do to hide this missing feeling ? Oh I can't do it because my missing feeling is very strong to him .. What should I do right now ? Escapes from the true one ? Oh I don't think so dear.. I think about my "suicide" plan .. That's the stupid plan babe? After I had a slow talk with my "Teletubbies" I realised that 's not the right choice .. I need to continue my living like usual .. Right now , I think I need to try more avoiding from him .. But may I ? I hope it can .. My night was silence and air make me complicate to have the fresh one .. Why I can't breath better tonight ?? Ohh maybe I don't have a lot of time to live anymore .. I think back what's happen to me .. Stupid script of life I think .. Sometime , I feel like I 'm the stupid one .. Addict love from who that never can be mine .. Arghhh stupid3 .. Yes I know it .. Sometimes I feel like I'm waddle to him .. Ouch that's the bad one .. I'm not that type ok .. Babe , can u help me to find a ways to forget him ?? Haha sometime I feel like I crazy u know.. Either I crazy or I be crazy , i don't know.. My heart say "You need to be strong to your owns life n for others.. You need to accept fact that's already write juz for u.." Yes I will if that's the best to me..

You’ve pierced my heart and left me to die
I sit all alone and wonder why
It’s hard to go on without a heart
It was your razorblade words that tore it apart
Scribbling down sentences to describe how I feel
Nothing I write can feel this real
The mirror reflects a pain that will never fade
I’m trapped in a mess that I’ve made
Duct taping broken pieces that fit into place
Mascara running down my face
At a frantic pace my fingers missed
A lose piece fell and slit my wrist
Just enough to see a peek of red
The way this night ended I’d rather be dead

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