Friday, June 26, 2009

Misunderstanding ..

Huh having a misunderstanding is not the best part.. Here have some story for u .. The story starts when Eyza tell to my besties , Aifa about Eyza comment his bf in Myspace last night .. The next student hear our conservation .. Eyza n Aifa don't know that there's somebody that hear it .. We talk talk talk n talk about it till not notice that have somebody there .. Oh God , she's misunderstanding ur conservation .. Then she tell her frenz .. Her frenz feel weird on it .. I know this story from one of my source people .. Hoho she n her frenz don't know that I know about it.. I'm juz let it .. Because I don't want to have trouble with anybody .. In the same time , I want to explain about the truth to her n her frenz .. Oh can I ?? But I don't to explain it to them because it will have one more trouble if I tell to them .. I don't want if they know from who I know this story .. If they know about it , it will have a love affair rift .. No3 I don't it happen .. Her and I frown everytime .. Huh that's not my fault !! That's the answer.. When there 's a third people , this is consequently .. When there 's a new friendship start , it's must have a thorn that try to struck the friendship .. :( Never mind .. If there's a friendship , it will forever .. Juz let it go..

To her : Plez listen carefully before make a interpretation .. Consequence of ur behaviour will make a friend 's fight .. Stop it is the best one ..

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