Saturday, June 27, 2009

Choosing Life ..

This is my life-
These are my thoughts on paper,
I never felt so inadequate,
To be alive right now.

This is my soul-
You can never sink deeper,
You can never think you know me,
If you don’t know at all.

This is my mind-
So many traps I’ve fallen into,
I can never tell you,
If you’re my friend or not.

This is my heart-
The only solid artifact,
That beats along steadily,
As I move together with you.

I don’t understand-
Why people try to break me down,
Tell me what I’m not,
Useless things are always there,
Yet they can never see past them…

To the real me.

You can’t tell me that it…
Doesn’t hurt me,
Doesn’t shake me,
That you can’t see,
The real,

There’s only one-
Person I belong to,
I love the comfort so much,
That I can make it through…

Your Torturings!

You can’t hurt me!

Because I’m safe,
Because I’m so warm.
Like a sunshine,
Heaven’s lights are all mine…
-To share with you.

This story-
Is coming to an end,
Is slowing and progressing,
Towards something to depend on.

It’s not over-
My life I’ve carved from my loss,
Something new and something great,
One more chance is all it takes,
To get my life right.

One day-
I wish you’ll erase that view,
Of a monster staring back at you,
Waiting in the dark to,
Do you wrong.

Because I’m not,
Because I’m alive,
Because I wanna live,
With or without you.

I will live.

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