Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life Story

Choosing a life
Choosing a side
Every single moment of our lives
We need to choose something

Choosing the path we live on
Choose the way we die when death calls us
Choose a side of the road
Choose a color on the rainbow

We need to follow rules in life
The path we choose is forever
We need to live with our mistakes
But the way we choose to live with them is uncertain

Choosing our faith
Choosing our soul mate
Choosing the clothes we're wearing
Blocking the rest we dont like

Well i choosed you
But you didnt choosed me
And pain follows me arround
But i choose now to go forth

I choose to live
I choose to cry but clean my tears after
And smile politely
I choose to breath

Make your choice
Make a mark in your life
Choose life and hold on to it
And you will be happy for all eternaty

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