Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Miss You

Ohh dear !
If u can hear my heart
U will know how I'm..
I can't forget u easily..
I can't force my heart..
I can't do it!!

Ohh dear !
Did u know how I really miss u??
Did u know it??
I'm always remember u..
Ohh God..Help me..
I can't stop to miss him..

Ohh dear !
I miss you so much..
My deep heart says
"I'm stronger miss you"..
I can't denied it anymore..
All my reaction affect it..

Ohh dear !
Come back to me ..
I'm juz urs..
I'm urs forever..
Juz you only that touch my hearts..

Ohh dear !
I love u ..
I miss u..
I can't run from fact..
I know it..

I Miss U So Much !!

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