Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Story

He’s in love with her,
He’ll never be in love with me,
My heart filled to the brim with jealously,
I can’t stop myself,
I can’t stop talking to him,
There’s something about him,
But now I am invisible to him,
I always will be.

I try not to fall in love with him,
I fall way too easily,
I am trapped,
I am ripped,
I am broken,
I am tortured by every word that escapes from his lips.

I tell myself I don’t want to through this again,
He has no idea the feelings I hide,
My heart is breaking,
I wish he’d stop leading me on.

I try to resist,
But he brings me back,
Like a lighting bug in the palm of his hand,
Until he smashes me open,
He’s on his way.

Ignore him,
Forget him,
Don’t let yourself fall,
Don’t make yourself one of his problems,
Don’t fall in love.

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