Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vampire Love

I lay beside you,
You're so unknowing
So unprepared
So naive
You think I love you
You think I won't kill you,
You, that which I love...

Watching you in darkness
Waiting for your breath to slow
Waiting for your dreams to come
Waiting for the deep deep sleep
Finally, you're ready
Reach out and touch your tender cheek
Reach out and feel the life in your skin

If my heart was beating,
It'd thump from my chest
If I had to breathe,
It'd be in gasps for this moment
Stroking your hair
Watching your face
Hearing your heartbeat
Almost tasting your blood

Why? I don't love you
Why can't I bend over you
I've done it before...
So many before
Why are you different
Your hair in the moonlight...
Your skin in that silver glow
Why can't I bite you?

Bend over you
Touch your neck with my lips
Taste that sweetness
Feel that blood
What is this?
Why can't I open my jaw?
Why can't I take you?
Why can't I drain you?

I swear I love you not
I swear I cannot care for you
I am a vampire...
You are my meal
What is this?
This weakness, this struggle
I lay back down again...
What have I become?
A vampire in love...
Who's heard of such a thing...?

2 serangan:

The Professor said...

I love this!

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

thanx syg..
i love urs too

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