Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Heart Say ...

Hopes and wishes, Passion and tenderness,
They were so close, And so dearly to me,
I couldn't believe, What was coming,
In my life.

All those hopes, I had for us,
When the distances, Between us were still warm.
When night came, You were right there,
Beside me keeping me warm.

All those wishes of not separating upon tomorrow.
Wishes of the distances,
We will never be far from each other.
Wishes of love, of caress.

Passion was only there when you were still in my hands.
You are in my passionate heart,
And I know you are the right one for me.

Tenderness when you kissed my lips,
And whispered your lovely praises on me.
Everything in my life was love, and more love
with you.

Now they are only heartbreak.
Heartbreak to see you walk away.
Heartbreak to let you slip away from my hands.

I miss you, I love you, I want to hold you like I did. To be with you is all I ever want out of my life. We both make mistakes, we both fix them. My heart is broken and it wont mend, unless I see you again.

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