Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Heart Already Break Off

He's gone, I must face it
But I don't think my heart can take it
His smiles are never to be seen again,
They shall live only as memories
Perhaps? Only time will tell...
As for now, I feel kind of empty inside,
Knowing that a part of my world
Has left, maybe not to be seen again
Knowing his departure distresses me greatly.
Why did it happen to us?
Why were we never meant to be?
I would often ask.
I feel as if I'm spiralling, falling, fading
And no one will be catching me at the bottom.
I'm fully aware of this sad reality
Which left me, obviously
With a broken heart.
When will he come back?
When will we see each other again?
Someday, maybe
Or maybe...not.
Time can only tell...
If we really were destined to be.

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