Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heart Broken poem :-(

The girl I’m in love.
In her heart I’m just her friend.
I feel stupid for having my heart for her.
She’s still in love with her Ex Boyfriend with her heart.
I’m just a fool to have my heart on her.
I feel un loved
I feel really heartbroken,
In her heart she’s so sweet and kind.
I’m just a fool to be in love with her.
But in my heart I’ll consider as a friend.
I’ll stay with her as a friend.
Just a friend for her.
I’ll try to be a kind friend for her.
But my heart is broken.
Her eyes she’s so kind and sweet person I met.
But I’m just a fool be in love with her.
Well I guess I’ll never find a true love one day.

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