Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm The Blue

Today I go to school with new expression . :)
Glad to meet my friend after PMR ended .
Yesterday , I absence so I don't knew what happened .

As what that I thought , there were a lot of story by her . Anis told me what happened yesterday when I'm not attended to school . Wow there were some gossip there . :)

After solat Dhuha together , we return to Hostel Dining Hall . Continue back our story . Some times , I view my phone that I keep in my bag .. In the same time , I open my walkman in my phone . Happily listening music until I 'm not recognise Ustaz Nasir already in front of the dining hall .. Huhu

Then , Ustaz Nasir ask us to take a quiz about Inventory Personality Colour . Huhu there are 100 items that we must answer in the modul .. Huh after we finish it , we need to make headcount about how much the 'Yes' tick there . After headcount , I analise that I'm in the Blue !:)

Huhu there are some else colour such as gold , orange , and green .. Huhuh I'm on a good luck .. Huhu :)

Ustaz Nasir explain one by one about the colours that show our personality .. I'm in the Blue colour . This colour show the personality is :

Smooth - Tongued
Love to Indulge
Need persuasion

I accept the colour because that absolutely correct with me except
Gentle , Romantic , Need Persuasion and Love to Indulge .

Haha I can be
Gentle , Romantic , Need persuasion and Love to Indulge
with some people only who is know me and understand me . Not for others who is hate me so much and my unciviled friends . Hope u understand it !

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