Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skype Id !

Hey , Bloggie !

Today , I want to text u about my SKYPE ID ..

See the picx below :

This picture taken by Sony Ericsson Yari

Ignore the weird face .. 100% totally edit . :P

My ID there ! Have a look at the top in the picx given ..


That is my SKYPE ID that already on activating starting from last night to contact with my cousin who is now on Egypt right now .. Huh I use SKYPE to contact her :)

Btw do add me there yeah . Maybe we will chat later .. :)

No reject friend on my SKYPE .. [ It followed by terms & conditions ]

Do chat with me when u're online same as me yeah !

p/s: I'm kinda busy right now because of study .. Maybe will take a long period of away to study .. Hope u will understand ..

End till this only ..

Thanx for reading !

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