Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid Day

To all muslim who is visit this entry , I in the name of Hafizatul Asyrah wants to say something for you ..

Happy Eid Days !

Today is a important day for all Muslims . We free from do our fasting like before .. In the same time , satan and demons is released .. Huh all Muslims happily today but except some people . They need to find their own happiness to celebrate this blessness day .. They are who that poor one .. Hope God give some happiness for them .. Insya-Allah :)

I'm not very happy as well as others today .. I'm a little sad because of all that happen to me .. Although today is my special day but I 'm still sad .. As what that yu maybe notice , today is my birthday .. Juz for a reminder .. :D

This year is the saddest Eid that I need to survive .. I don't know why it happen .. Huh I'm not happy as well .. I'm afraid and guilty .. :( Oh God , I hope they will forgive me .. I try to call some of my friend .. There's a reaction by one of them but there's still have that does not pick up their phone when I call them .. I'm so sad .

But it's so ok .. I need to be strong one .. Although what type of problem that I need to face , I need to be strong for myself .. Juz ignore what that their interpretation about me .. Juz ignore is more better .. Maybe take time for them ..

Lastly , I want to say again :

Happy Eid Days , Muslims

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