Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm the Candidates ..

PMR ! U're coming soon ..
UPSR was conquered and done
easy as peasy and lemon squezy
But it was the beggining
of what next to come
We all cry out in fear

Homework given as high as Mt Everest
To miss one class is to lose ones life
Subjects to study includes the past 2 years
Projects with deadlines ever so dangerous

Pressure from teachers, parents and peers
Straight E's are all dreaded with fear
Tuition, homework and co-curriculum
Are all juggled to fit life's equilibrium

Math, BM, English and Science
Geography, History and KH (oh my!)
As for the Malays, I pity them so
For they have Agama Islam (oh no!)

Procrastination are acts of doom
3 years of knowledge, our minds KA-BOOM
We pray for a miracle, please, KA-ZOOM
As the day of dread starts to loom

Dianogstic tests and monthly tests
When shall we ever be free of this pests?
Plus this together with trial exams
Last minute study, panic and mayhem

Teachers on leave with bulging bellies
Teachers on courses ever so many
Students rejoice throwing confetti
Then they realize that they are low on studies

As the day of dread starts to loom
The clocks of time ticks to our doom
We pick up our books with looks of gloom
To try to squeeze in our brains some oomph

So pray, bless and wish us good luck
That we might not become roast duck
Or do us a favor and save your own breath
Save us from this examination death

2 serangan:

wanie m'nJ said...

kelakar la baca benda nih!!!!hahahahah

jgn takut,exam tetap akan datang...=D

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

heheh yer3 ..


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