Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love is Killer

Yes correct..
Love is the killer..
Killer of our heart..
Sometimes it make
we feel to suicide..

Yes correct ..
Love is killer..
It kill who that try it..
It's like thorn that
hurt urs heart..
Sick till death..

Yes correct ..
Love is killer..
Believe it or not?
U need to try by own..
U will feel the sad time
when ur heart have been
broken ..

Yes correct ..
Love is killer ..
It come unawares..
Without permission it lost..
Make we sad it 's

Yes correct ..
Love is one of medicine
to get happiness.But ,
there 're lot of
consequence when u try it..

Yes correct ..
Love is killer ..
It's like a drug..
First it make we addict ..
Then it betray us..

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