Thursday, June 4, 2009

Accidently Fall in Love

Ouch why it come again?I can't lie on myself that I love him..I'm already getting accidently fall in love to himm..How come this?? Exactly my heart already say that I love him so much..There's nothing that I can do because this feel is very strong till I can fell on my owns..My heart which is I already lock to boys now open by him.. How can him??My heart was like melt to him .. WHat 's type of medic he use to melt my heart to him??Ouch God..I love him..I never can forget him from my mind..Every night , when I try to close my eyes , I feel like he flow stronger to my heart..Ouch i'm the loser of love..How this happen?? I feel like have some pleasure when I think about him.. Yeah I'm already fall for him.. So what?? I feel so stupid when I refresh back my mind about him.. Ha8 he's perfect to me..All people is perfect right??I know it .. But he's different.. He's the perfect 's one.. Oh how come this ? I will survive with him happily or dissapointing ?? I can't continue living without him .. I want to suicide !! Suicide is not the best part..But I don't want to live anymore without him.. Because he's light who is explain my life.. He 's the one who is teach me to judge others.. He's the one who is already managed to my heart.. He's the one !! I love you ... Ouch but how I can survive this because I'm already accidently fall in love to him?? I 'm so shy to tell him about this.. How this?? May you help me.. I really need u to help me about this.. I 'm afraid if when I tell him that I love him he will ignored it..Ouch I don't want to dissapointed another time.. I don't want getting hurt because of who that called boys..Ouch I'm sick on it babe..

Maybe he's not my Prince Charming ..
I accept it if he's not mine ...
Because I know that I'm not the best one ..
If you are the Prince Charming ,
I want to tell you here that I Love U..

Trying to attract u to come to my heart
is the bad and pathetic part to me..
I know it sayang..

I will try to leave from you..
Because I don't want to hurt my heart..
I hate u but in the same time ,
I love u..

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