Sunday, September 6, 2009


Refer to the picture , what name's of this place people ??

Shopping Complex ! Mall !

Great ! Yeah now I wants to story for u about my hang-out with MakSu yesterday .. We went to the shopping complex by motorcycles .. :D This was my first time hang-out without my parents and also went by motorcycles ! It was a memorable experience to me ..

First place we went to a Yon Hin Shop to buy some things to make Batik Cake .. :D We bought a ButterCup there . We didn't bought anythings else because all things already prepared a home .. :)

After that , we went to Hakim's Fabric Shops at Taman Kemajuan .. Huh I went there to buy a black inner . :) During payment process , I heard an aunties conservation .. They ask the cashier for a discount .. Pity them because cashier can't give them discount .. Then , I asked for a discount after that aunties out from that shops.. hat cashier give me 50% discount from the true price of the inner's price .. I'm very happy with it ! Yeay :D

After that , we went to a near shops to buys one more things for make a Batik Cake .. It was Marie Biscuit ! Oh better we remember it there .. If not , we must needed to postpone make it .. :( Huh then we bought it there ..

We went to the next location .. Where it was ?? Yeah bank3 ! I needed to bank in some money for my clothing's owner .. Huh after bank in , we went to Kayangan Square Shopping Complex .. Maksu meets her tailor there .. There I also played a role as customers too .. Haha viewing a lot of type of Baju Kurung .. All attracted me .. :)

Next , we explore the shopping complex ! Yeay I followed MakSu to buy a jeans shirt .. When Maksu busy found her jeans shirt's size , I viewed a shirts there ! A stripes blue shirt attracted me on it .. Great one .. Awesome style .. I like it .. Haha juz viewed only .. My money not enough to buy it .. Oh God ! Loss me ..

After Maksu finished found her jeans and bought it , we went to the next level .. A girl's clothes ! Yeay nice one .. I'm random points there .. A lot of type of style of clothes .. New arrival here .. Huh watch refer to 5.35 pm .. We need to returns room now ! During we wanted to return home .. It was a rainy evening .. Huh we travel too the rain for return home .. Then , we safely reach home .. :)

I'm very tired today but it was a memorable day for me .. :) I'm very happy !

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