Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perfect II

I dream of a world where everything is perfect.
Not just created ideally for me,
Where I selfishly indulge in a private flawless world,
No, I desire a world of peace and tranquility,
Where everyone’s needs are met
And we live together in timeless synchrony,
A life blissfully beautiful for everyone.

A place where the streets are for driving,
The sidewalks used for walking,
Instead of hopeless living and begging.
Where a raised voice is heard only
When a vocalist hits those high notes.
Where families live together in happiness,
Sustained only by their unconditional love,
Where a hand is raised to another
Just in a fraternous high five.
Our fragile hearts are reinforced with Plexiglas,
Everlasting, never to be broken.
Where food is a right granted to all,
Not just a privilege for the wealthy few.
And tears stream down faces
Only when words cannot describe utter joy.

I hope for all this,
And think of the unimaginable,
I reach for the unattainable,
Desperately wish for the impossible,
Foolishly abandon all reason, yet still
I dream of a world where everything is perfect,
Because sometimes dreams come true.

2 serangan:

The Professor said...

love this

Hafizatul Asyrah said...

rawrr thanx dear..

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