Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes never I think want to stay at the white full with white like that .. That's the bad experient to me .. Auww my lil bro ' s pray was acceptable .. He's pray to me to be stay at the hospital for a moment .. And it ' s acceptable for God .. Huh..

First Day !

7.6.2009 {morning} :

Having a very sickness on my stomach .. I'm uncomfortable on it .. When I having very hurt ill , I cry n mi lil sister tell my father about it .. Then , I vomit .. Ohh I hate this part like hell.. Grrr juz forget it..

7.6.2009 {afternoon} :

Without any hesitation , my father take a quiet action .. He take me to the Emergency part at HTF( Tuanku Fauziah Hospital I think ):P .. Then , after check - up by two doctor , they tell me that I'm having a critical appendix.. Ohh God ! I feel like it's my last breath on this world.. :(

7.6.2009 {evening} :

I was send to ward .. Doctor already put some water to me .. Ouch I never think about it before.. Then , the smart doctor :P [Doctor Afifuddin] come so check me up . Hoho doctor3 .. He's just asking me exactly.. Hoho juz let him .. Then ,at the 4 o'clock I think , there many guess visit me .. My grandparents , Mak Cik Kiah , the father's friend n also my family .. Full around my bed .. Have fun with it ..:)

7.6.2009 {night} :

I feel so bored on the bed.. Oh there's nothing .. My mother always beside me there .. Huh when I want to get sleep , a nurse come to take my blood pressure .. Huh that's the bad one .. 50/72 I think .. How this?? It's ok?? I don't know samely .. Juz let it.. Then my father top up my phone ...:P hehehe happy with it.. Then at the 9 o'clock one more time Doctor Afifuddin come to check me .. Huh I don't know why he like to stare my face .. Huh make me uncomfortable with it .. I can't sit still when he stare me .. Juz let it go.. There's meaning of his contemplation on me .. :)

7.6.2009 {midninght} :

I see my phone .. The watch show that time is 2.30 .. I cannot sleep there .. My mother already sleep beside me .. Ohh why difficult to me to sleep ?? Oh I don't know .. Then , I try to sleep .. Close my eyes slowly then I sleep as sleeping beauty :P .. But I cannot .. Because having a strongly stomach ache .. :( Hoho juz ignored it ... ZzzzZzzzZzzz

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