Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heart Broken :-(

A fallen angel
Come save my scarred soul
You rest, I want to know
What you’re dreaming of
How fast time has flown by
The flames inside of me have grown
And I can’t seem to stop them
Creep along, I see your angelic face
No one to hurt you, no one to harm you
Except me… but I don’t want to
Inside a voice rings out
“She’s the one…”
I push it away. There’s no way it’s true.
Your chest falls down and rises up
A constant rhythmic pattern and
I’m entranced by it
By you

Everything pushes me to it; nothing else can be done
So I kneel by your side
Caress your hair, your face and
Softly graze my fingertips on your lips
Suddenly sadness crawls into my broken soul
I stand up and leap away silently
From the shadows I see
A fallen angel rise
A look of concern and worry
But it’s subdued
You smile up to the sky and my heart falters
So much desire to pick you up in my arms and feel your touch
But you slip back down, and cradle yourself back to sleep
Sadly, with a sigh I walk away, wishing
There was some way, I could do
All the things I will never do

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